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The combi steam oven decals

The use of tap water in the water container of your combi steam oven may cause lime formation after some time. We would like to see you how to descale your combi steam oven.


Clean the cooking hob

When using the steaming function of your oven you will need the steam dishes. Always use a perforated steam dish for the food and a non-perforated steam dish underneath in order to catch up the moisture. If you want to steam two products you can use two smaller steam dishes placed in a bigger drip dish. You can use the big perforated steam dish for coarser chopped pieces or larger portions.

Use the shelf in the middle for baking or steaming one dish. For baking or steaming more than one dish you can use the higher shelfs and the lower ones.

Using the culisensor

When using the culisensor you will need a roasting tin. (First roast the dish shortly in the roasting tin on the induction hob before putting it in the oven with the culisensor to let it calmly get done). Place the dish in the roasting tin and put it on the middle shelf of the oven. Insert the culisensor in the middle of the dish so that the pin reaches the core of the dish. Then select the oven function you want to set from the menu and set the temperature. The temperature on the left is the oven temperature. The temperature on the right is the desired core temperature, to set precisely to the degree. If you have set up everything correctly you can start the program. 

The display will show the current temperature of the oven on the top left with the set oven temperature underneath. The top right will show the current core temperature with the set core temperature underneath. When this temperature is reached the oven will automatically turn off.

Pausing the hob

If you want to pause the hob while cooking you just briefly hold your finger on the pause button. When you hear a beep it means the pause function has been activated and all the active cooking zones will be put in heat setting 2. If you don’t reactivate the hob within 5 minutes it will turn itself off. If you want to activate the hob again you will only have to put your finger on the pause button again and the hob will turn on again.

Adjusting the interior

The flexible baskets are very practical in order to maximize the use of the loading space and they are very easy to adjust in height. Our dishwashers have the largest capacity on the market.

Upper cutlery tray

To increase the upper cutlery tray, pull the tray out. Then pull the two latches on either side forward. Before lowering the upper cutlery tray make sure the upper basket is in its lowest position. Then slide the tray out and push the two latches on either side downwards and backwards.

Upper basket

Slide the upper basket out and grab it on both sides, then bring the upper basket up. For lowering the upper basket slide it out, then pull both latches on either side in order to lower the basket.

Supporting pins

The different supporting pins in your dishwasher are easy to fold down by pushing their latches to the inside. That way you will create more space for large pots and pans or other kitchenware.

Use of Aqua clean cleaning system

Your ATAG oven has a very handy option to clean the device thoroughly. Thanks to the Aqua Clean cleaning program, the oven is cleaned with steam.
See below how this is going on.

Bake and steam on multiple levels in a MAGNA oven

In your MAGNA oven you can bake and steal on several levels.

Remove the grid holders

It may be desirable to remove the grill holders from your oven. Watch how you can do this in the video below.

Cleaning the oven door glass

The oven's oven can get dirty. The ATAG oven provides an easy way to clean the window.

Baking and Steaming on Multiple Levels - CX4574M

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